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Newton Fahl Jr., DDS, MS

Newton Fahl Jr. presents an innovative look that enhances excellence in results that go beyond esthetic in Dentistry, revolutionizing through scientific knowledge, the avant-garde teaching applied at the Fahl Center in Lectures and Courses taught around the world.





What Dentists say about their experience at the Fahl Center

“Excellent course. Great combination of didactic and hands on to give you the best overview of anterior dentistry. Would highly recommend this course for any dentist who wants to take their skill to the next level.”

Dr. Ilona Casellini
Los Angeles, USA

"Dentistry is the amalgamation of art and science - this truly culminates in Dr. Fahl’s work and teaching. Thank you Dr. Fahl for your willingness to share your knowledge and experience with us. I can’t wait to apply all I’ve learned to clinical practice.”

Dr. Grace Lee
Palmerston North, NZ

Class Fahl

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Minuto Newton Fahl

Access our channel and watch a variety of 1-minute videos with practical tips from Dr. Newton Fahl Jr., sharing quality content to improve your dental routine. In addition to an innovative delivery, #MNF counts on the participation of Dentists known worldwide.






Many professionals need to travel to Curitiba (PR) to take the Fahl Center’s courses.

With our indications and also of those who have come to study here with us, we have created a special area for you.

We insist on offering quality in the reception and accommodation of our students.


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